Network Test

Network connections can drop in quality. When this happens, your ability to share voice, screens, and video can be impacted. You can do a network test to get a general idea of your connection quality and speed.

To run a network test, exit your browser(s) completely, then open a single Chrome window for the test. Also, make sure that any applications that access the Internet are closed or in an idle state. Go to and click the blue "Test Now" button. Once the test finishes, click on the blue “View Details” button to see the full report. To save the results, go to your Chrome menu (upper right corner) > Print > next to Destination click "Change..." > on the pop-up window choose "Save as PDF" and then save to your computer's desktop.

Encourage everyone, home-based workers especially, to run this test. Your Sococo experience will be best with latency of 150ms or less, 0% packet loss, and a minimum of 5 Mbps download / 2 Mbps upload speeds.

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