Selecting a Map & Floor Plan

Selecting a Map & Floor Plan

Using the 
Space Settings tool, you can also edit a space and select a map.

There are several maps to choose from, and we are constantly adding more. We have maps ideal for small executive teams, as well as maps supporting the co-location of twelve teams in an Agile Release Train. There are a variety of floor plan options, too, ranging from more traditional private office layouts to open floor plans where teams work together in shared enclaves.

In an open floor plan, the shared team areas are not private; they have no doors (so anyone can drop in) and everyone in the shared area can hear what’s going on and sense the comings and goings of each other via sound notifications. (Of course, you can always toggle off your headset and silence notifications via your personal settings.) What we find is that teams like working in shared areas and establish their own etiquette. Ours is if you are talking to one or two others on the team, you move to a breakout room. The only time the shared space is used for a conversation is if the whole team is collaborating together.

Pick a map and floor plan that best suits the way the team(s) or organization works. Also, know that it’s easy to change maps at any point. The only “gotcha” when you change maps is that you’ll need to relabel room names on the new map. Take a screenshot of the current map (to record room names) before switching.

Click here for detailed instructions on using the Space Settings tool.

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