Move In Day!

Move In Day!

Make moving in be an event! 

Set a date for Move In Day and promote it in advance. Give teams plenty of notice so everyone can attend. If possible, include an informal fun activity as part of the launch agenda, which immediately helps build a sense of bonding, belonging and being there for each other.

Here are some buzz-building ideas:

  • If you use Slack or another messaging platform, create a Move In Day channel, or discussion thread, that you can use to build excitement by posting a series of fun and informative content in advance of Move In Day. Post casual video interviews with key stakeholders; write “3 things you’re gonna love about working in Sococo!”; or post introductory Sococo video tutorials and how-to info.

  • Hold a contest to name conference rooms and lounge areas.

  • Invite team members to come to the launch with a favorite beverage or snack.

  • Consider using the opportunity of the move to Sococo to encourage employees to openly appreciate each other’s contributions and build a culture of recognition. (We do this in an ongoing way using a fun tool—check out

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