Moving In Kit

Moving In Kit

Check out our Moving In Kit! It includes Your Guide to Moving In, the Network Configuration Guide, checklists, a team exercise for setting norms and the editable resources described below to help with onboarding. You can customize these using your own voice and add relevant info for your teams.

Welcome Email Templates

The two editable Welcome email templates are designed to help Sococo Champions introduce themselves, deliver the Why Sococo? message, assess user technical readiness, and communicate the onboarding session logistics.

FAQs Template

The editable FAQs document can be used to anticipate and answer questions in advance of the onboarding session. Customize it for your teams. We provide the following examples to get you started:

  • What is Sococo?
  • Why are we using Sococo?
  • How do I sign on?
  • How do I move to another room in the space?
  • How do I turn on my mic and camera?
  • How do I download the Desktop App?
  • How do I set my home room?

How do I get more information to help me use Sococo?

Onboarding Agenda/Slides

The onboarding slide deck contains screenshots of key Sococo features. You can talk through the slides, or better yet, use them as an outline for giving a live demo.

Example Agenda  (1 hour):

  • Introductions
    (Ask everyone to right-click on the room, select Zoom to [room-name] and then go around the virtual table to make introductions. Add in something fun like “Describe the beverage or snack you brought to this session” or “What did you eat for breakfast today?”)

  • Why Sococo? message delivered by Team Leader

  • Sococo Overview/Live Demo
    • Place: Map cues online behaviors
    • People: Avatars convey presence, availability & work
    • Connect: Audio & Video, Screen sharing, Chat, “Get”, Inviting Guests

  • Small Group Breakout Discussions:
    How will we know Sococo is helping our team? What will we see people doing, saying and feeling differently?

  • Discussion Highlights Shared with Entire Team

  • Next Steps
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