The Moving In Kit provides you with all the resources you will need to set up Sococo and onboard teams. Copy and paste the link below to easily share all of these resources as a bundle, or you can preview and download each document in this section separately.


Resource Purpose
Your Guide to Moving In Gives you a planning framework plus instructions for setting up spaces and moving teams in
Network Configuration Guide Info to provide to your IT/Ops team: proxy & firewall settings and network bandwidth & latency requirements
Checklist: Planning the Move Key tasks for the Move Manager, or whomever is managing the move to Sococo
Checklist: Technical Set Up Key tasks for the IT Lead, or whomever is working with IT to configure the network and integrations
Checklist: Onboarding Teams Key tasks for Sococo Champions, or whomever is onboarding teams
Onboarding Slides Editable Powerpoint slide deck that can be used for onboarding your teams
Getting Started FAQs Editable Word doc to help you anticipate and answer Frequently Asked Questions upfront
Email Template #1: Introduce Sococo Editable Word doc to help with messaging your introduction to Sococo
Email Template #2: Onboarding Instructions Editable Word doc to help with sending onboarding instructions
Team Exercise: Creating Norms Framework to help teams set operating agreements for how they will work together in Sococo 
Sococo Quick Intro Sheet Two-pager product overview that's perfect for introducing basic functionality to new members


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