Turn ON/OFF Microphone

Turn ON/OFF Microphone

Click the microphone icon in the top nav bar to toggle to turn ON/OFF your microphone so that you can talk to people in the same room you are in. When the microphone icon is bold, you are in talk mode.

Click the microphone icon to turn OFF microphone.

Click the microphone icon to turn ON microphone.

Tip: In large meetings, you may want to turn off your microphone when you are not speaking so to prevent any distracting ambient noise (like the vacuum cleaner that's being run in another room in your home) from distracting others.

Sococo will use whatever device you have already set for your audio input device. If you haven't set a device it will use your default audio input device as set by your operating system (could be your built-in microphone). To select a different audio input device, click the drop-down menu by the microphone icon.

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