Key Roles for a Smooth Move

Key Roles for a Smooth Move

Introduce Sococo as a "Move"

You wouldn’t physically move your office location without having carefully considered the disruption moving makes to your workers’ daily routines. Moving teams into Sococo requires the same thoughtfulness and planning. In fact, we encourage you to think about introducing Sococo as a “move” rather than a new system or tool implementation. To realize full value on your investment, everyone on the team must show up for work in Sococo, just as they would the first day in a new office location. So do take care to plan the move. And, good news: your move to your online office in Sococo requires no boxes to pack or lift!

Key Roles
A few key roles are defined here to help you identify the big buckets of moving-in responsibilities to delegate. For smaller companies, all roles and tasks are likely assumed by the same person wearing multiple “hats”. For large enterprises introducing Sococo to thousands of employees, these roles may be assigned to multiple people, and possibly even a Program Management Office (PMO) or Center of Excellence to direct tasks and communications.

Executive / Business Sponsor

The Executive / Business Sponsor is responsible for:

  • Communicating rationale for the move and big-picture vision for success tied to business goals
  • Identifying & tracking success criteria to ensure the move to Sococo is delivering the desired ROI

Move Manager

 The “Move Manager” (aka Implementation Lead) is responsible for:

  • Creating the Moving In Plan and getting buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Confirming technical setup tasks are completed (network configuration etc.)
  • Selecting and training “Sococo Champions” to configure spaces and onboard teams
  • Confirming spaces are properly configured
  • Directing “Move In Day”
  • Supporting Sococo Champions to encourage ongoing team engagement
  • Sharing best practices across teams

 IT Lead

 The IT Lead is responsible for technical set up, including:

  • Configuring the network
  • Integrating with SSO/SAML and third party applications, such as Slack
  • Ensuring end user technical readiness
  • Training the internal help desk

Sococo Champion(s)

 Each Sococo Champion (who might also be the Scrum Master) is responsible for:

  • Configuring the space(s)
  • Inviting team members
  • Onboarding the team(s)
  • Monitoring and encouraging team engagement
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