Example Move In Plan

Example Move In Plan

Here’s a high-level plan to help organize your move. 

Strategic Set Up
Task Owner  Status  Due
Create Why Sococo? messaging & communication plan      
Assign roles & tasks, determine timeline & milestones and secure buy-in for Move In Plan from stakeholders      
Identify “Sococo Champions” to configure spaces & onboard teams      
Schedule training & standing check-ins with Champions      
Post supporting resources on intranet (link to knowledge base)      


Technical Set Up
Task Owner  Status  Due
Configure network      
Integrate with SSO/SAML and third party applications      
Confirm user technical readiness      
Train internal help desk      


Sococo Set Up
Task Owner  Status  Due
Plan & Deliver training to Sococo Champions      
Configure Space(s)      
Create process for requesting new spaces      


Move In Day!
Task Owner  Status  Due
Build buzz in advance of Move In Day (work with team leaders and Scrum Masters to do this)      
Provide logistical info to teams about Move In Day      
Invite teams to create Sococo user accounts (unless using SSO)      
Onboard teams on Move In Day      


Track & Encourage Engagement
Task Owner  Status  Due
Monitor usage      
Help team(s) set norms      
Showcase success stories & share best practices      
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