Welcome from Our Team to Yours

Welcome from Our Team to Yours

Screenshot from recent holiday team party and "Secret Santa" gift exchange

Our distributed team spans two offices, eight cities and three countries and we go to work in Sococo every day. “Going to work in Sococo” gives us easy, spontaneous access to each other. Honestly, we feel more connected and get work done together faster than we ever could without it. We also have a lot of fun. And your team will experience all of this, too—we promise!

Sococo Aha Moments 
But don’t just take our word. Many teams report feeling closer in Sococo. Once your team moves in and works for a while, you'll have Sococo “aha” moments. We observe it happen time and time again. For your Scrum Master, the aha may come after the daily standup when she sees people naturally breaking out to work together. For a team member who works from home, the aha may be realizing he really does feel less isolated.

Whatever it is, your Sococo aha will likely come from the gut and will have something to do with sensing the work you are contributing to is happening around you. We believe it’s because activity is taken in with a glimpse of the map and your brain automatically fills in the extra context, the same way it does when you are working in an office setting.

Soon You Won't See Blinking Bobbleheads!
Before you know it, you won’t see blinking bobbleheads. Instead, you’ll “see” the dev team gathering for the daily standup and pairing up afterwards to work out details; the important client meeting being hosted in the executive briefing room; and the marketing director greeting the new web developer in the Lobby.

Audible activity popping sounds clue you in to people entering or leaving your shared work area, creating an aura of working side-by-side. You’ll hear when the door is closed and opened. As you look around the map, blinking indicators and icons on each avatar provide cues as to who's talking, listening or sharing screens in other rooms. Status settings inform you who is heads-down, not wanting to be interrupted. And, best yet—you can see when the Scrum Master, Product Owner—or whomever you really need to grab right now to remove a blocker—is available between meetings.

Spontaneity is Sococo's Secret Sauce
It's this heightened awareness of each other's comings and goings and friction-free ease of interacting that so naturally facilitates human connection and collaboration. Once your team is comfortable with quick, casual exchanges in Sococo, the barriers of distance disappear. Knocking on the door to a Sococo office feels as natural as dropping by a colleague's office at corporate headquarters.

Now let’s get you moved in!

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