Edit Your Profile

Edit Your Profile

To edit your Sococo user profile, right-click on your avatar and select Edit your profile. 

Alternatively, you can click the "hamburger" icon to expand the Options pane.


From the Profile settings page, you can:


  1. Express yourself! Pick your avatar color!

  2. Set the "Sococo Name" that is associated with your avatar and displayed when the map is zoomed-in. Your Sococo name is also displayed in full whenever someone hovers over your avatar. If you don't set this, your name will default to being the "name portion" of your email address. 

    Note: If there are people with the same first name, you may want to establish a naming convention for everyone of first-name-plus-last-initial.

  3. Set your "Sococo Initials" as an abbreviation (up to 3 characters) to be associated with your avatar label when the map is zoomed out and your "Sococo Name" is too big to be displayed.

    Here's why to do that...as the map is zoomed out, Sococo automatically abbreviates avatar names to manage label scaling. Automatic abbreviation does not always result in the most uniquely identifying (or, hmm, flattering!) abbreviations. That's why users can choose their own abbreviation and set it in their profile.

  4. Set your first and last names.

  5. Determine the application language. (Defaults to English. Other language options include Russian and Japanese.)

Be sure to click SAVE to save your changes.



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