There is only one chat window in Sococo. The window is anchored to the bottom right corner of the map.

You can control what is displayed in this window. Displayed in this window could be:

  • a private chat (a chat conversation between you and one other person);
  • a room chat (a chat thread viewable by all members currently present in the same room); 
  • or, if you are integrated with Slack: a Slack channel or Slack group chat.

Private Chat

To launch a private chat, right click on the avatar of the person you want to chat and select Open chat.



Room Chat

To launch a room chat, click the room chat icon.


Slack Channel or Slack Group Chat

To display a Slack Channel or Slack group chat, click the channel or group chat on the People pane.

Note: You can resize the window by clicking and dragging the side of the window into position. Or, click X to remove the chat window from your view completely.



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