Share Your Screen

Share Your Screen

You will soon find yourself quite naturally sharing your screen to support conversations with colleagues. What's especially cool about screen sharing in Sococo is that multiple people can share screens simultaneously, making the experience feel very collaborative. There's no overhead to launch and no need to pass the presenter baton or control from one person to another. One person can share the Jira board while the other shares her code.

Note: The very first time you launch Sococo screen sharing, you will need to install a Chrome extension, which takes a few seconds to do. 

To launch screen sharing:

  1. Click the share screen icon in the top nav bar.


  2. Select the application you want to share. You can share your entire screen or any other application that is open on your desktop. When you share an application, others will only see the app. When you share your entire screen, others will see your entire desktop, any applications running, notifications that pop-up, top-secret chat messages etc. 


  3. Click on the screen share tile to bring it to focus. There are options to view a screen share in full screen mode, zoom in on a certain section, or toggle between Team and Map views.


  4. To stop sharing, click the screen share icon in the top nav bar to toggle screen sharing off.


Screen Sharing Tips

  • Tip #1: If you are working from a Chrome browser session, run Sococo in its own window so that you can share other browser-based apps from a separate window.


  • Tip #2: Arrange your shared application window to be side-by-side with your Sococo window so you can keep an eye on your team’s videos and maintain a personal connection while presenting. Or, utilize an external second monitor, if you have one, to display Sococo.


  • Tip #3 : Avoid creating a "Hall of Mirrors". This effect is created when you share the Sococo app itself.  In essence you are sharing your Sococo app sharing the Sococo app sharing the Sococo app ... and on and on. To stop the madness, share individual applications rather than your entire desktop screen, or keep Sococo in its own separate window. 



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