Sococo power users will be thrilled to know Sococo supports shortcut keys to toggle media, going "home" and setting status!

Key combinations are predefined and enabled by default using the the Alt key (or "Option" key on a Mac) as the modifier key, plus one other key. However, each user can modify or disable hotkeys for their own use.

The default hotkey combinations are:

Alt+T Toggle Microphone
Alt+L Toggle Listen
Alt+K Toggle Camera
Alt+G Go Home
Alt+B Toggle Busy
Alt+S Edit Status


  • Hotkeys work when running Sococo either from your Chrome browser or the Desktop App.
  • The Alt key is used as the default modifier (rather than the Ctrl or Cmd keys used in Sococo Classic) because of known conflicts with other hotkeys already being used in Chrome, such as CmdorCtrl + T , CmdorCtrl + L. 
  • The Sococo app must be in focus for hotkeys to work.

To change or disable hotkeys:

  1. Click the "hamburger" or menu icon to expand the options panel.


  2. Select Settings.


  3. Select Hotkeys.


  4. To change a current shortcut key combination, either click Change or just start typing the desired new key combination over the existing shortcut definition. 

  5. To disable Hotkeys, click Disable by each Hotkey.

Note to Sococo Classic users: A Push to Talk function key is in the product backlog but not yet released.



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