v5.15.4 in Production! (May-24-17)

v5.15.4 in Production! (May-24-17)

We've made improvements to existing features:

  • You can now remove all members (except Administrators and Moderators) from a space by clicking Reset Membership in Space Settings

  • Admins/Moderators can now see if a user is in an invite pending state when viewing Membership using one of the admin tools such as Space Settings, Organization Settings or Member Management

  • Administrators can now change the Invite Users and Edit Rooms space policies from the Space Policies section of Space Settings

  • Desktop notifications are significantly improved when using the Desktop App! (yay!)

  • We added two new maps with private offices: Denim Office 41 and Denim Office 100 

Bug Fixes:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
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