v5.16.2 in Production! (July-13-17)

v5.16.2 in Production! (July-13-17)

This release includes:

Bug Fixes:

  • We removed a confusing requirement for password strength in our password complexity requirements, an organization setting controlled by Admin
  • Fixed a few bugs discovered in the first release of the Labs People Pane improvements

An exciting People Pane Labs Program update!

Another pass of improvements to the People Pane user interface is now available to participants in our early adopter Labs program. People Pane Labs Phase 3 includes:

  • Improved find features, including spotlighting a user’s avatar on the map
  • Automatic updates to a user’s status based on their activity in Sococo. The format of the status text is “Listening/Talking/Presenting in room with user1,user2, …”  

Talk to your account team in you'd like to learn more about participating in the Sococo Labs Program.

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