v5.16.3 in Production! (Aug-02-17)

v5.16.3 in Production! (Aug-02-17)

Bug Fixes:

  • Members can now see a guest user's status


People Pane Labs Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a few bugs in the People Pane for our Labs participants who have early access to People Pane updates turned on in their spaces. These include:

    • People Pane contact list is empty after new releases of Labs

    • Incorrect online space/org member status

    • Avatar with headset off status says listening

    • Incorrect space/org name displayed in search results in certain situations

    • Spotlight scrim still shows original location after the user changes location

    • User not displayed in contact list of space A when they switch to space B

    • People Pane does not show all offline contacts

    • Corrected count of participants reported in room during meeting

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