What is Sococo Labs Program?

What is the Sococo Labs Program?

Sococo has adopted the Lean UX methodology for new feature development. Using a phased, iterative approach, we test our ideas for new features and UX/UI enhancements with customer volunteers. We call this Sococo Labs.

All major new features and UX/UI enhancements are tested in phases, beginning with mockups and followed by guided reviews in our development environment.

Proposed new functionality passing the first two customer "delight' tests are then developed further and seeded (turned on) in select Sococo spaces for subsequent testing phases. This allows us to continue to listen and learn from volunteer testers' hands-on usage before issuing a general release to our entire customer base.

Participating in the Sococo Labs program gives our customers early access to valued new functionality and the ability to shape it.

Interested in participating? Just let your account team know or send email to alex.swanson@sococo.com. 

Bottom line: we want customer feedback early and often. 

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