Recap: People Pane Labs Phase 3

Recap: People Pane Labs Phase 3

In Labs Phase 3, the People Pane could be described as an alphabetized list of the people who most recently entered the space (up to 200).

For better management by users, the list was organized into collapsible sections, including a "Starred" section at the top displaying people manually "starred" as key collaborators by right-clicking on their avatar and selecting Add to Starred.

Closed by default, the People Pane displayed the online/offline avatars for space Members. The pane could be expanded right to also reveal names and status text strings.

Manually-set status details, such as "Away - Call my cell 818-999-2222", could be viewed in the open pane. Automated status details were introduced to show a Member's activity in the current space such as "Speaking in Four Seasons Room with Alex".

pp--old-collapsed.png             pp-current-status.png


A search "spotlight" was also added to help locate people on the map with up to 5 search string matches spotlighted.



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