v5.16.4 in Production! (Sep-28-17)

v5.16.4 in Production! (Sep-28-17)

Bug Fixes:

  • Native client download now launches in Chrome browser
  • List of countries on dial-out UI option now matches the list of whitelisted country codes
  • The correct badge count for all types of unread Slack messages are now displayed
  • When Sococo has focus, new messages sent from Slack are no longer incorrectly badged
  • Slack channels are now bolded in both Slack and Sococo when someone sends a direct message in the Slack channel

People Pane Labs Participants:

We have redesigned the People Pane based on your feedback. We hope you like it!

With this update, which we call "People Pane Labs Phase 4", a member’s status and Sococo space location are conveyed in a more relevant way to facilitate cross-space collaboration.  

Click here to read more about the People Pane Labs Phase 4 updates and view a video demo.



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