Meeting Toolkit Labs Phase 3

Meeting Toolkit Labs Phase 3


This release cleans up a few rough edges from our previous Labs release. As meeting owner/facilitator, you can now:

  • Start typing your first agenda item right away. An agenda is added by default with your cursor correctly positioned to begin typing

  • Edit the meeting name and participant list of a saved meeting

  • GET ALL meeting participants in a separate step from starting the meeting

  • Edit the timebox minutes/seconds with no glitches

While that's all great, the BIG NEWS for Labs Phase 3 is the introduction of "meeting shares"!!

So what exactly is a meeting share? A meeting share is a bookmarked url that can be easily referenced by all participants during a meeting.

The meeting facilitator can create a "share" to make available any browser-based information, such as a project plan document, team calendar, or third party application.

For example, to support a planning meeting, the scrum master could create a share to link to an application displaying the scrum or kanban board. Or, for general brainstorming, a share could be created to link to a white board application.

Once the meeting is started, shares show up for all participants as icons in their expanded meeting tools tray alongside the meeting agenda and/or timebox. Shares are also represented as icons in the meeting room on the map. Clicking a share icon from either location launches the url in a browser.

When the meeting ends, share icons are removed from the meeting room on the map; they do not persist in the room but are available the next time you start the meeting in any room. 

Note: Our testing of meeting shares as part of the meeting toolkit is a step towards introducing persistent room-based shares in the future.


Meeting Toolkit Functionality

To recap, the Meeting Toolkit is designed to help you:

  • Quickly gather people for a meeting

  • Display an agenda, timebox and related browser-based information (aka "meeting shares")

  • Radiate the topic of the meeting to others in your space

  • Gather statistics on the meeting

  • Restart recent or starred meetings with the same participant lists and pre-configured components

Here's how to use Meeting Toolkit, including how to use its newest component, meeting shares.

Starting a Meeting

  1. Right-click on your current room to access the Meetings menu.

  2. Select Start a Meeting. This will launch the meeting creation drawer.


Configuring a Meeting

  1. From the configuration pane, name your meeting. When you start the meeting, the meeting name you enter here will temporarily replace the room label to radiate the topic/purpose of your meeting to everyone in the space.

  2. Search for and select all of the participants you want to invite to the meeting.

  3. Click Start Meeting


Meeting Starts

Once the meeting is started, the meeting tools tray is open and visible at the bottom of the screen. Also, notice:

  1. The meeting room label is changed to the meeting name and turns bold to indicate an active meeting.

  2. The numbers to the right of the meeting name indicate how many participants are in the room. Mouse over to see who is missing.



Facilitating a Meeting

As meeting owner, when you are leading a meeting, you can:

  1. Add/Remove a meeting component by clicking the + and - icons

  2. Edit the meeting name and participant list by clicking the pencil icon

  3. Click GET ALL to send invites to all invited participants who are not already in the room

  4. Star the meeting so that it's easy to start again

  5. End the meeting and generate meeting media stats



Adding/Removing a Meeting Component

Click the + icon to add a component. Currently, you can add an agenda, timebox and share.

Click the - icon to remove a meeting component.

Adding/Removing an Agenda

By default an agenda is already added with the cursor correctly positioned for you type the first agenda item. Click the - icon to remove the agenda, if desired.



Adding/Removing a Timebox

Click the + icon to add a timebox. Click the - icon to remove the timebox.





Adding/Removing a Share

  1. Click the + icon to add a share, triggering a pop-up configuration window. (Click the - icon to remove a meeting share.)

  2. From the configuration window, enter the share web location (url) for what you want to share.

  3. Enter the Share title. This title will be shown as a tooltip when someone mouses over the share icon.

  4. Select a share icon.

  5. Click ADD SHARE.



Once added, shares appear in your meeting tools tray and also the meeting room. Clicking the share icon from either location launches the share url in your browser.




Note: At any point the facilitator can click GET ALL to send invites to all of the stragglers who are on the invited participant list and not currently in the room.

Each invited participant gets a pop-up invite that looks like this:



Using the Meeting Tool Tray

As facilitator, once you have added a meeting component, its controls are available to you. Participants in the room can see the meeting components, but cannot edit them.

Meeting Facilitator's Controls



Participant's View



Hiding the Meeting Tools Tray

If the meeting tools tray is blocking a screenshare or other content, you can hide and un-hide it by clicking the arrow at the top.




Ending a Meeting & Meeting Stats

When you click END MEETING, you will be shown media stats for the meeting.

These stats are only shown to the meeting facilitator. You can select, copy and paste the stats to a document if you wish to preserve them.



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