Space Selection

Space Selection

There are two ways to select a space to go to:

  1. From the Where to, boss? menu presented after logging in
    (if you don't have a home room/space set)

  2. From the Change Space drop-down menu in the top nav bar

Where to, boss?

When you are a member of more than one space, you can select where you want to go upon logging in.

First time users who are members of multiple spaces will see a menu of spaces with the heading: Where to, Boss? 

Click on a space name in the list to go there.

When you are a member of more than 5 spaces (which is often the case for users who belong to large enterprises set up to use SSO for user authentication), the list will be organized into two sections: Recent spaces and Other spaces.

Recent spaces displays your 5 most recently visited spaces, keeping frequently visited spaces at the top of your view. The Other spaces section lists all other spaces in alphabetical order. 



You can also search to quickly find a space.


Note: You can avoid this space selection step each time at log in by setting your home room/space.

Change Space

Once located in a space, you can easily go to another space by clicking your current space name in the top nav bar to open the Change Space panel. 


Just like the Where to, boss? menu, the change space panel is organized into two sections for users who are members of more than 5 spaces: Recent spaces and Other spaces.

Click on a space name to go there.

Use search to find a space not in your list view.


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