Promote Member to Moderator

Promote Member to Moderator

An Administrator can grant anyone responsible for setting up a space and onboarding teams (aka “Sococo Champions”) with Moderator privileges using the
Member Management tool. Moderators need Moderator privileges for each space they manage.

A Moderator of a space can grant Moderator privileges to any other Member of the same space using the Space Settings tool.Moderators are users who have space-level administrative privileges. For example, they can edit the space (i.e., select the map and set the space name) and remove members. 

Administrators and Moderators can also grant/revoke Moderator privileges for another user by following these steps:

1. Right click on a the user whom you wish to grant or revoke Moderator privileges in the People Pane. 

2. Select View Profile.

3. On the user's Profile Information card, select or de-select the Moderator checkbox. (Note: this checkbox will not be visible to users who do not themselves have Moderator privileges.) Then click Save.

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