Guest Access Overview

Invite your clients, partners and friends as guests to join you for meetings in your Sococo office or conference room. It's super-simple: simply go to the room where you want to host the meeting, right-click to copy the url to the room, and then share that room link with your guests. 

View our video on Guest Access. 

Here are some key points about working with guests in Sococo. Detailed instructions with screenshots are provided in other articles. 

  • No pins or client software downloads are required for your guest to join a meeting. She can turn on video, audio and screen sharing using the media controls in the top right corner of the Sococo navigation bar, same as you do.
  • Your guest will be granted access only to the room for which she was given a link. She will see the activity going on in the other rooms of your Space, but cannot move to the other rooms.
  • Guests avatars are adorned with badges for easy identification.
  • Once your guest leaves the meeting, she cannot re-enter your space without clicking the room link again and being admitted.
  • What's truly unique from your standpoint as the host of a meeting in Sococo is this: you'll have your entire team at your fingertips during the meeting. For example, when your client stumps you with a technical question, rather than get back later with the answer, you can see at a glance who's available to pull into the conversation right at that moment with the answer.
  • Know that the link to each room link stays the same until deliberately expired. This means you can paste the same conference room link for standing meetings into a calendar.
  • Here's an idea: share the link to your Sococo office with key clients and partners. You can differentiate your services by being ultra-responsive and extending an offer to "drop by any time" during open-door office hours that you establish.





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