Your Guest's Experience Joining a Meeting

Your Guest's Experience Joining a Meeting

When your guest opens the room link in Chrome, she will be prompted to enter her name and (optionally) email address:

Your guest will be notified by a message: "Someone will let you in shortly."

Guest Experience - Request Accepted

Meanwhile, everyone in the Sococo meeting room will be notified that the guest has arrived by a knocking sound.

A notification will also pop up in the lower left corner of the browser (at the bottom of the People pane) for each person in the meeting room. The notification looks like this:

Anyone in the room can allow the guest to enter the meeting by clicking RESPOND on their notification message and accepting the guest’s request to enter on the pop-up window that appears next:

Once the request is accepted, your guest will be granted access only to the room for which she was given a link.  Guests to your space will see the activity going on in other rooms, but cannot move to other rooms or interact with anyone outside the meeting room.

Guest avatars are adorned with guest badges for easy identification by all. Let's right-click on the meeting room and zoom in to take a close look at a guest avatar:

You can zoom to a room to get a closeup view of the avatars and easier identification of meeting participants. Simply right-click on a room to Zoom to [Room-name] or Show Entire Map.

During the meeting, guests can turn on video, audio and screen sharing using the media controls in the top right corner of the nav bar, same as you do.

NOTE: First-time Sococo guests will need to install the Chrome plugins for video and screen sharing. This only takes a few seconds.

Guest Experience - Request Rejected

If for some reason, a guest arrives and you are busy, you can REJECT her request to enter the room to join the meeting.  

If you select REJECT, your guest will see:

Guest Experience - No Response (times out)

If no one is around when the guest arrives to accept or reject her request to enter the room, her request will timeout and the same "Everyone seems to be busy right now" message will be displayed.

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