Edit Room Names

Edit Room Names

Naming rooms before your team moves in is an important step to make it clear to team members where they will go to work on day one—even if you temporarily assign room names to shared team spaces and then pass on naming rights to the teams themselves (which is a good thing to do, by the way, so that teams take ownership of their new surroundings).

Note: By default, any Member can edit room names from the map view. Some teams love the freedom of allowing anyone to edit room names and actually encourage using room names creatively to inspire esprit de corps or indicate what the team is working on. However, if you prefer to only allow Moderators to edit room names, contact Sococo Support. They can turn on the more restrictive space policy for you.

Here's how to edit room names:

  1. Right-click on the name of the room and select Change room name.


  2. Type the new name in the Your Room's Name field and click SAVE.

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