v0.2.0 in Production! (Sep-04-15)

v0.2.0 in Production! (Sep-04-15)
We released a powerful update to Sococo this evening that is packed with goodies.  
  • Add support for resetting and changing user passwords
  • Allow knocking to request entry into a room by right clicking on it
  • Group notifications together to reduce spam
  • Improved workflow for claiming invites with new and existing accounts
  • Reflect unread notification count in the browser tab name
  • Improved microphone selection in settings dialog
  • Detect talking without being heard and prompt user to select a new microphone
  • Add support for zooming the camera to a room or space by right clicking on the map
  • Add updated space ship map and add small variant maps
Bug Fixes
  •  Issue where badges would not clear from room chat
  •  Issue where all avatars would pop in/out on the map
  •  Issue where feedback form would periodically error


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