v4.0.2 in Production! (Oct-01-15)

v4.0.2 in Production! (Oct-01-15)

We launched the latest version of Sococo into production tonight.  Welcome to our EAP users to the world of Guest Access and Busy status!

Here are the goodies:

  • invite guests into your meeting by right clicking on a room
  • add guided product tours with intro video for new users and accounts
  • add public "Sococo Support Center" space that everyone can access
  • add right click menu to users that allows quickly interacting with them
  • mark yourself as 'busy' by right clicking on your own user
  • set a status message for your user by editing your profile
  • add "Home" button to toolbar that will take you to your home room
  • specify your "Home" by right clicking on a room
  • go directly to your home room/space when logging in
  • increase default toast timeout from 1 to 5 seconds
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