Showcase Success Stories

Showcase Success Stories

Share early success stories to help break through natural resistance to change. Shine the spotlight on real people, experiences and outcomes. It’s harder to ignore something new when it is being used elsewhere to achieve superior results.

  • Conduct a survey—one that is authentic, has clarity and is focused on before-Sococo/after-Sococo team behaviors, sentiment and performance measures.

  • Be transparent and share results in an open forum.

  • Seek, capture and test new ideas with Scrum Masters on how to improve team and cross-team collaboration.

  • Publicly recognize those team members who have helped improve working practices.

  • Welcome newcomers. Your team will constantly evolve and you need to ensure new people embrace this way of working from the start. Pair each newcomer with an existing team member.

  • Most importantly, celebrate success along the way!

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