v0.0.7 in Production! (Jul-02-15)

- Add support for browser notifications when the application is not currently visible.
- Clicking on an Avatar now initiates a private chat with that person rather than displaying their user card.
- Sort videos by user nickname to avoid videos shifting order when people leave and re-enter a meeting.
- Add context-specific placeholder text in chat input, to avoid confusion over where a message will be sent to.
- Add "Edit Your Profile" option to main menu, for a more obvious entry point to editing a profile.
- UI optimizations to reduce CPU load during normal application usage.

Bug Fixes
- Fix issue where Feedback form would stop working after being logged in for long periods of time.
- Fix issue where map zoom was ultra sensitive on a Track-pad or Magic Mouse.
- Fix issue where audio/video settings menu would show empty device names.


We also added a bunch of performance improvements and fixes that are not user facing, and basic MixPanel analytics tracking to the client. 
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