v0.0.11 in Production! (Jul-30-15)

v0.0.11 in Production! (Jul-30-15)
We deployed some awesome updates to production this evening, including a fix for the dreaded "poison room" issue that would result in people not being able to hear or see each other.  Big thanks to the team for tracking this issue down, especially Seth and Philipp.  There's also some great added functionality for setting password complexity rules for an organization and changing your password from within the application.  Read below for the full list.


  • Allow organization admins to specify password complexity minimums
  • Allow users to change their passwords from the menu
  • Show the current software version in the menu

Bug Fixes

  • Issue where audio and video connections were lost between people in the same room
  • Issue where the browser red light would not turn off after hitting escape from the settings menu
  • Issue where users could not log in from an invite link that was already claimed
  • Issue where talking indicator would sometimes get stuck in "blinking" state when a user is not talking
  • Issue where offline users would sometimes get stuck showing their headset, microphone, or video decorations
  • Issue where clicking on a user to chat would cause the chat input field to lose focus
  • Issue where chat badges in the people list would sometimes not show up
  • Issue where changing map could result in the zoom being set to a wacky level
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