v0.1.0 in Production! (Aug-10-15)

v0.1.0 in Production! (Aug-10-15)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a number of issues related to media failures during meetings
  • Fix issue where offline users would remain in rooms on the map
  • Fix issue where toggling mic when headset is off would cause users to sound underwater
  • Fix issue where users would receive online notifications for all existing users when entering a space
  • Fix issue where chat badge count would not be reset when a user goes offline
  • Add 5 second window before sending offline notification for users.  This usually avoids receiving a combination of Offline/Online notifications for users that are refreshing the web page.
  • Add a timer to the "Sococo Updated" dialog that will refresh the page automatically when it expires.  This supports installations on shared screens where a user may not be present to refresh the app manually.


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