v4.3.9 in Production! (Nov-30-15)

v4.3.9 in Production! (Nov-30-15)

This includes some great fixes as well as some requested features.

  • improved audio/video lip sync
  • allow users to opt-out of high-bandwidth features in low-bandwidth situations
  • support customizing notifications to suit user preferences (Many users have requested this to address not getting notifications for things they don't care about)
  • go directly to your space when logging in if you only have one space
  • show notification badges for open chats when the app is in the background
  • support minor version updates that do not require a page refresh
Bug Fixes
  • issue where a user could appear to be sharing media but not heard or seen by others in the room
  • issue where feedback could not be sent from support space
These also include stability and reliability updates to our MCU.  


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