v4.7.0 in Production! (Feb-4-16)

v4.7.0 in Production! (Feb-4-16)
  • The downloadable client is now based on Chrome 47 and Electron.  This brings the downloadable client very close to running the same version as the latest Chrome stable. It includes power saving improvements, performance improvements, and many many bug fixes to WebRTC when compared to our old client that was based on Chrome 42.
  • New maps are available to be selected by Moderators: Slate Agile 50, Slate Team 50, and Slate Traditional Team 40.
  • Slack Early Adopter Program is available to be turned on for spaces (via Sococo's internal-use-only Customer Support Tool).
  • Customer Support Tool (internal-use-only by Sococo reps) gets an upgrade that allows support people to turn Policies on/off for spaces. This includes turning on trace logging, ignore room limits, and Slack-enabled.
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