Invite People

Invite People

By inviting someone to become a Member of your Space, you are granting her access to log into Sococo and enter your Space any time. Members of a Space have full access to move around and interact with anyone there. 

All team members should be invited as Members so that they can log into Sococo daily to have access to each other. By default, any current space Member can invite other Members, although your Administrator may choose to restrict the ability to invite people to only those with Moderator privileges, which is why you may not see this option.

Note: Inviting someone to your Space as a full Member is very different from inviting someone as a guest. Click here for more info on Working with Guests.

  1. Click the  "hamburger icon" (three parallel lines) to open the Options pane.

  2. Select Invite People.

  3. Type or paste email addresses separated by commas or new lines. Then click Send Invitations.

Here's what the new Member invitation looks like.

Note: When the first and last names of the person who issues the invitation are available (in his Sococo profile), the invitation will use his full name as the email sender as well as in the subject line. Otherwise, his email address will be shown for sender and the invitation subject line will be: "Your teammate has invited you to [Space-name]!



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