Keep Your Media ON When You Change Rooms

How do I keep my video and audio ON when I change rooms?

For privacy reasons, by default your video and audio are turned OFF whenever you move to a new room on the map. However, we understand that some people prefer to keep their audio and video turned on so that they don't have to make any extra clicks to turn on the mic and camera each time they enter a room.

You can customize Sococo to work as you want - after all, that's what preference settings are all about!

  1. Click the hamburger icon to expand the menu.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select the General settings page. Then slide to select On or Off to indicate if you want to keep your media turned on when you change rooms.

Tip: If your team shares work spaces on your map, you may NOT want to keep media turned on by default so that you don't seemingly "barge" into a room where others are heads-down working.  

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