Alternative install location for Sococo Client on Mac

Alternative install location for Sococo Client on Mac

The Scococo Desktop client released 3/16/2016 requires administrator permissions to install in the applications folder on Mac OSX 10.10. The Sococo engineering team is working on a fix for this. Until this fix is released you can use this document to install the Sococo Desktop application in a personal folder without needing administrator permissions.

Step 1:

To start with, you will need to create a new folder within your user directory, this can be done through the Finder.

Step 2:

After this is done, we are going to want to open a second Finder window, which can be done by right-clicking on the finder icon in the Dock.

Step 3:

Now we need to go to the ‘Downloads’ directory.

This is where the install package (Sococo-0.3.x-xxx.dmg) will be located.

Step 4:

Now, with both finder windows open, we will double click on the Sococo installer, starting the install process.  When the install gets to the “Drag to Applications” step, instead of dragging the Sococo logo over to “Applications”, we will instead drag it into the new folder we created in Step 1.

Now we can open up the new folder and double-click the Sococo icon to start up the Desktop Client.  The first time that you do this, a warning will appear, where you will need to click the “Open” button.

This warning box is a standard Mac pop-up for any application that is installed from any source that is not the Apple App Store.

Step 5:

Once the Sococo Desktop Client is opened, the icon will appear in the Dock, like any other App, this is where the one functionality difference appears, as you will not be able to find Sococo in the normal, Launchpad location where your other apps live.

To fix this, all we need to do is right click on the Sococo icon in the dock and select the “Options” and from there “Keep in Dock”.  

This will keep the Sococo Desktop client in the Dock at all time, so that you do not have to navigate to the customer folder we created to install it into.

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