Member Management Tool

Member Management Tool

The Member Management tool allows the Organization's Administrators to:

  • Add Members
  • Edit Members
  • Grant Administrator Privileges
  • Expire Passwords
  • Remove Members from Organization
  • Determine Space Access (Moderator, Member, or None)

Accessing Member Management

  1. Logged in with Administrator privileges, click the hamburger icon to expand the options pane.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Member Management.

Add Members

  1. To add members, click Add Members.

  2. Select the Space you want to invite new members to join from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose whether to send member invitations by email or via an integration if that choice is presented to you because your space is integrated with a third party application, such as Slack. 

    Select the invitation sending method.

    If you select By Email, enter the email addresses separated by commas and an optional custom message. Click Send Invitation.

Member invitees will receive an email invitation to join the Space. It will look like this:

Clicking the link in the mail to accept the invitation takes new member to sign-up screen where she can set a password and Create Account.

Edit Member (individually)

Member Management gives you a view of all Members in your Organization who have accepted invitations and created accounts. 

  1. To edit an individual Member, Search for the member by name by first clicking on the Search icon and then typing in the username or email address.

  2. Click the (pencil) edit icon to edit.  From this screen you can:
  • Grant Administrator privileges to others
  • Expire password (to force the user to change her password upon next sign on)
  • Remove from Organization
  • Determine the Member's access to all Spaces in the Organization, by selecting the drop-down menu associated with a space and selecting Moderator, Member or None.

    Note: All of your changes take effect immediately. There is no extra step to Save.


Bulk Editing Members 

Using the check boxes, you can select multiple members to edit at the same time. This means you can make the same changes to multiple users at once as you can when editing individual users.

This is especially useful for 

  • Expiring passwords for all or large groups of users (to force changing passwords upon next sign on)
  • Removing multiple contractors at the end of a project from an Organization
  • Adding members to multiple spaces by selecting the drop-down menu associated with a space and selecting Moderator or Member.

    Once you initially invite a group of Members to join your Organization (and they have accepted the invitation and verified their email address), you can add them in bulk to additional spaces without YOU having to hassle with sending invitations and THEM having to hassle with receiving and accepting multiple invites! Yay!

    Instead, simply edit the Members' access to any space in the Organization. The next time each Member logs in, the additional spaces you granted them access to can be accessed via a "Where to, Boss?" pop-up at sign on (if no Home Room is set) or via the drop-down space navigation menu in the top nav bar.

  1. To edit multiple members, you may want to first change your view of the member list. By default the list displays 5 members at a time. Select the drop-down menu to change your view to display more users at once.

  2. Click the checkboxes by the Members you want to edit, or click the top checkbox to select all Members in this view. Select EDIT SELECTED.

    Note that the number of items (Members) selected is called out. In this example, 4 items are selected for editing.

  3. From this next screen, you can see the list of Members selected.

    In one fell swoop, you can Expire Passwords, Remove from Organization and determine the Space Access you want to grant (Moderator, Member or None) to all Spaces in your Organization by individually selecting the drop-down menu associated with each Space in the list. Woo hoo!

    Note: All of your changes take effect immediately. There is no extra step to Save.


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