Space Settings Tool

Space Settings Tool

With Administrator privileges, you can use the Space Settings tool to:

  • Add Spaces to your Organization;
  • Edit Space settings (change the space name and/or map) for all Spaces in your Organization
  • Edit Space properties to set video limits for all Spaces in your Organization; and
  • Delete Spaces in your Organization.

With Moderator privileges, you can use the Space Settings tool to:

  • Edit Space name and/or map; 
  • Edit Space property to set video limits; and
  • Add/remove members for each space you moderate

Note: Only Administrators can add and delete spaces.

Accessing the Space Settings Tool

  1. Logged in with Administrator privileges, click the hamburger icon to expand the options pane.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Space Settings.

Add Space

  1. To add a new Space to your organization, from the options pane, select Space Settings, then click Add Space.

  2. The very act of clicking the Add Space creates a new space. Now, give it a name by typing over the placeholder default name "New Space".

  3. Click on one of the map thumbnails to enlarge it. Click on the left and right arrows to page through the enlarged maps. Click CHANGE TO THIS MAP to select your map choice.


Edit Space Settings

  1. To Edit Space Settings, click the (pencil) edit icon by the Space in the list of the Organization's Spaces you want to view or edit.

  2. From this one screen you can view at a glance the selected map and key membership details.  


    By expanding sections you can:
  • Click Space Settings to change the Space Name or map

  • Click Space Properties to set the maximum number of video streams each member can view.

    Note: You can set the maximum number of video streams each member of a particular space can view. By default, for newly created spaces, the maximum number of videos streams each user can view is set at 8. Reducing the number of streams further can greatly improve video and audio performance on networks with limited internet bandwidth. Members can also manually select which streams they would like to view. This does not limit the number of screen shares a user can view.

  • Click Membership to view Membership details, invite Members, remove Members and set each Member's access rights.

  • Click Delete Space to, well, delete the space.

  • To return to the list of Spaces, click Switch Space.


Delete Space

  1. To Delete a Space, click the (pencil) edit icon by the Space in the list of the Organization's Spaces.

  2. Expand the Delete Space section. Then click Delete [Space Name].
    Note: This action cannot be undone!



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