v5.7.0 in Production! (Oct-05-16)

v5.7.0 in Production! (Oct-05-16)

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Increased accessibility to Help and Support

In this release,
Help is more prominently placed and more easily accessible to Sococo Users.


Users can query the Sococo knowledgebase from this easy-to-find touchpoint. Customers with enterprise or premier support plans can also access support reps via LIVE CHAT, staffed 8am-8pm ET. When live chat is not available, Sococo Support can be contacted from here by email.

Note : The ‘?’ help icon replaces the ‘!’ report a problem icon in the bottom left corner of the map. Users can still report a problem using the Report a Problem item under the main Sococo menu.



Improved Avatar Labeling and Identification

We face the common cartographer’s dilemma faced by map makers for centuries. How do you balance information richness, scalability, and aesthetics when labeling items in the map.

In this release, we made two improvements that we hope will enhance information radiation and scalability for our users.

Avatar abbreviations

As the map is zoomed out, Sococo will abbreviate your user name automatically to manage label scaling. Automatic abbreviation does not always result in the most uniquely identifying (or flattering) abbreviations. :-). With this release, users can choose their own abbreviation and set it in their profile.


Tool tips

You can also hover over avatars in this release to see a full name tooltip.

Misc. Enhancements & Bug Fixes

This release includes many different minor enhancements and bug fixes. Some of the more notable fixes include :

  • ROK-2669 Bug: Support Muted Slack Channels for badge counts
  • ROK-2409 Media Controls are not responsive under certain conditions
  • ROK-2637 Add SAML advanced configuration toggles (signature encryption algorithm, etc)

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