I get an alert "No [speaker /camera /microphone] detected"

I get an alert "No [speaker /camera /microphone] detected" 

You will get a health check alert message "No [speaker /camera /microphone] detected" whenever you attempt to toggle on a media source (speaker, camera or microphone) and no device is detected by Sococo.

Typically, unplugging and plugging back in the undetected device will cause the device to register. And, once a device is discovered by Sococo, the health check system displays a recovery message informing you the device has been detected. The device will appear in the device list, which you can see in the drop-down menu next to the associated media control icon in the top nav bar.


 As we learn of specific known hardware issues causing undetected device errors, we will document them here:

  • I am a Mac/OSX user and get the error message: "No camera detected"
    Are you using your Mac's integrated Facetime camera? Does your camera work right now in Apple's Photo Booth application? Try it. If your camera also doesn't work using Photo Booth, a known "no connected camera" error is likely at play.

    This error isn't caused by a hardware malfunction, nor does it have anything to do with Sococo. In fact, most users who see the problem encounter it when trying to use the FaceTime camera with Apple's default bundled apps: FaceTime video, Messages / iChat, or Photo Booth. However, other apps using the built-in camera, like Sococo, occasionally report the error as well, and, that may be what's happening for you. The “camera not found” error message shows up when the VDCAssistant does not properly close when an earlier app used the camera, resulting in the camera staying in use and being blocked so that Sococo cannot access it.

    Rebooting solves the issue. We understand that's a royal pain to do, and, frankly, impractical when you encounter this issue joining others in a meeting. Instead, try this speedier trick:

    1 - Type [command] [space]
    2 - Enter “terminal” in pop-up window
    3 - From the Terminal application, type in command: sudo killall VDCAssistant
    4 - Enter your Mac password
    5 - Stop and restart video in Sococo

    You can read more about this known issue here: http://osxdaily.com/2013/12/27/fix-there-is-no-connected-camera-error-mac/


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