Screenshare not updating for viewers

There is a known limitation with certain programs* (or program versions) not allowing the updates to pass through from the sharer to the viewer when that program is shared exclusively. The workaround is to click the screenshare icon in Sococo and then choose "entire screen" (if you have multiple monitors, choose the screen number that corresponds to the monitor on which the program you are sharing is open) and then maximize the program or document you are sharing. 

REMINDER: If you choose to share your entire screen (or monitor), viewers will see all activity on that particular monitor, just as if they were sitting in front of that monitor. 

*We are currently aware of this issue with certain versions of the following programs:

PowerPoint: Viewers do not see when you advance to the next slide. 

Excel: Viewers do not see your movement within the sheet and to other tabs. 

Word: Viewers do not see as you move through the pages of the document. 


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