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How do I see my chat history?

The default setting for chat history is OFF. This means that your chat history will be cleared each time you log out of Sococo. To enable chat history that carries over to the next time you login, go to the ≡ menu icon at the top left of Sococo > Settings and toggle "persist chat messages across sessions" to ON. Once this setting is turned on, the Sococo app will locally store your chat history (it will store approximately the latest 200 messages for each chat).


Chat history is stored locally on your computer and is specific to the client you are using. What this means is that if you sometimes login to Sococo through your Chrome browser and sometimes through the desktop client, your chat history does not carry over between the two. This also means that your Sococo chat history will not carry over when you login to Sococo from a different computer.

If your team is using our Slack integration, chat history with other Slack users and channels will sync across sessions and clients (explained further in the Slack section below). 

How do I clear my chat history? 

To clear your Private Chat and Room Chat history, go to the ≡ menu icon at the top left of Sococo > Settings and toggle "persist chat messages across sessions" to OFF. When you log out through the menu, your chat history will be cleared. 

My chat window shows a yellow message that reads "This space doesn't allow saving of chats locally." What does this mean? 

This means that your team's Admin has disabled the ability for Sococo to store chat history between login sessions for the particular space you are in. Even if you have chat history enabled in your settings, chats originating in this space will be cleared when you log out. The chat history setting is still available to you in Settings because there may be other spaces of which you are a member where this option is not disabled by the Admin. Once you close this warning, you will not see the message again until the next time that you log in. 

Who can see Room Chats? 

Room Chats can only be seen by people currently in that room. Your room chat history is unique to you, meaning that you will only see the history from the times that you were in that room.  

Can I delete a message that has already been sent? 

No. There is not an option to delete a message that has been sent. 

Is there a way to search my Sococo chats? 

There currently is not an option to search your chats in Sococo with one exception. If you are logged into Sococo from your Chrome browser, you can open the chat window you wish to search and then use the Ctrl-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) shortcut on your keyboard to search the page for a keyword. The search term will be highlighted in the open chat window if found. 

I did not have the chat history setting toggled on and have logged out. Is there a way to retrieve my chat history? 

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve your chat history once you have logged out (it clears upon logout). We recommend that you change your setting so that the chat history is available to you going forward. To do this, go to the ≡ menu icon at the top left of Sococo > Settings and toggle "persist chat messages across sessions" to ON. 

Mobile App Chat History

Currently there is no chat history available on the Sococo mobile apps for iOS and Android. The history is cleared when you are signed out of the app. 

Slack Chat History

If your Sococo space is integrated with Slack (Slack Integration Guide), the above information about Sococo chat history only applies to 1) Private Chats with people who are not connected to your team's Slack integration and 2) Room Chats. If a user is not connected, a message box will appear that says the person is "not integrated with Slack. Messages will not be logged." What this means is that your chat with this person will not be synced to your direct-message history this person, if any, in Slack (either because this person has not yet authorized the connection of their Slack and Sococo accounts, or because this person does not have a Slack account). This person will still receive your chat messages in Sococo, and chat history will work as described in the sections above. 

When you open a chat to another Slack-integrated member of your Sococo space, the window will display your recent Slack direct-message history with that person. Each Sococo chat window displays approximately the latest 200 messages, so if you are looking for an older conversation, you will need to open Slack in order to search the entire history. 

My chat history in Sococo does not match the corresponding history in Slack. 

If you notice that your chat history in Sococo does not match the corresponding history in Slack, try logging out of Sococo and Slack (through the menu in each app) and then logging back into both. Then open a person-to-person or Slack channel window in Sococo to see if they are now in sync. You can also try a Ctrl-R (Windows) or Command-R (Mac) to do a hard refresh of the Sococo app which will prompt an update of the cache. 

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