Introducing Cross-Space Collaboration


People View gives you the superpower of a sightline to teammates, no matter which workspace they’re located in. It's like seeing through walls across the globe! Harness this superpower for cross-space collaboration, the most productive teamwork ever!

Be aware of your colleagues' presence and current activity, even if they are located in other workspaces. See where they are and what they’re doing so you can sense a good time to talk, just like you would if you were co-located.


Looking for someone?

Want to find a teammate, but don’t know which workspace she is in right now? Use Find from People View, and her workspace location appears just below her name when she is online.

You can Chat, Knock, and Get her directly from this search action menu.


Chat Across Workspaces

Have a quick question for a coworker in another workspace? You can chat across workspaces (even without dual workspace membership), just as easily as you can within the same space.


Get Her to Join You now

If you’re working in one workspace, and need to meet with a teammate who’s in another, there’s no need to go over to her workspace to talk.

Instead, hover over her name in People View to open an action menu and Get her to join you in your workspace right now. 

Note: You must both be granted access to each other’s workspaces in order to be able to use Get and Knock across spaces. It only makes sense, of course, that you must have the keys (as authorized members) to enter each other's workspaces. 


From this menu, you can select Get and invite her to join you now in your room.


(Alternately, you can choose Get from the chat box header, too.)

When your colleague accepts, she’ll be whisked from her room in her workspace to yours.

Knock on a door in another workspace

Hoping to pop in and talk to a coworker, but she's located in another workspace?

Select Knock from the action menu or chat box. If your knock is accepted, you’ll go directly to your colleague’s current room. Feels like time traveling!

Go to Lobby of Colleague's Workspace

If you decide you’d rather just move to the Lobby of the workspace where your teammate is located, but not pop right into her office, you’ll see that option on the action menu as well.


What Makes Cross-Space Collaboration Awesome

It’s no longer necessary to colocate everyone in the same workspace in order to easily collaborate. Instead, you can use all of Sococo’s collaborative powers from wherever you are!

Is your current workspace bursting at the seams? Spread out by adding a second workspace for special projects. Or, organize your online workplace by branch and department. Replicate floors in the main Headquarters building.

However your organization sets up its workspaces, you can use Starring to maintain personal awareness of the presence and activity of the people who matter most to your daily work. A quick glance of your People View, plus a few clicks, facilitates spontaneous interactions with teammates and other colleagues.

With the ability to collaborate across workspaces instantaneously, organizations are no longer limited to a single workspace to maintain a cohesive, collaborative culture.

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