With starring, you can keep the people you work with most at the top of your People View in the Starred section. Having quick access to your closest colleagues helps you get work done fast.

Star as many people as you want, which will help you:

  • Glance at your People View to see who’s online
  • See who’s doing what, even across workspaces
  • Quickly select the right collaborative action to take in the moment

Star and un-star people as your projects or needs change! Read on to learn several ways to star people.

Starring People Already Listed in your People View

Find yourself chatting frequently with someone?

  1. Hover over her name on your People View.

  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the name to bring up the action menu.


  3. Select Add to starred. Voila! Now you can always find her in your Starred list, the top section of your People View.


Starring from a Chat Window

While you’re chatting is the perfect time to add someone to your Starred list.

  1. Open up a chat.

  2. Select the star in the upper left corner of the chat box, and you’re done!



Starring by Right-Clicking an Avatar

You can also right-click on an avatar in your workspace to open up an action menu. Select Add to Starred.

Starring Using Find

Just started working with someone in your organization who has the expertise you need to frequently tap for your current project?

  1. Type her name in the Find field.

  2. Click the star in the upper left of their search card result so you can star her and keep her in your People View for the duration of this project.



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