Where's Waldo? Imagine standing up in your cubicle and scanning the office crowd to see if your colleague is in the lunchroom, on the phone, or working at her desk. Using Spotlight is just like that.

Using Spotlight

  1. Search for a person by typing her name or email address in the Find field.

  2. If she’s located in your same workspace, the background of your workspace will go dark and her avatar will be highlighted.

    Got a lot of teammates named Mike? A maximum of five Mikes who are online will be highlighted on the map. Use more granular search criteria (like first and last name) to find the Mike you are looking for.



Use Spotlight when you land in the Lobby of another workspace and can’t spot the person you came to meet. With colorful avatars and many rooms, you can rely on Spotlight to scan the map for you. 

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