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Imagine if the rooms in your Sococo workspace had walls that team members could use to post urls to calendars, project dashboards, and third-party browser-based software applications. Well, now they do — introducing Shares!

Shares give ready access to information and tools in rooms. Anyone who clicks a Share icon can view it. Shares are easy to set up, view, edit, and remove.

Adding a Share

  1. First, go to the room where you want to add a Share.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2018-02-18_at_6.37.38_PM.png.


  3. In the Share dialogue box, enter the url for the share location.  


  4. Enter the Share title. This title will be seen by anyone who hovers over the Share, so do take care to make the title informative.

  5. Select a Share icon to distinguish it from other Shares in the room and give the team a general idea of the content.

    Choose from Web Link, Calendar, Chart, Document, Graph, List, Money, Sticky Board, and Whiteboard.


  6. Click Add Share. And there you have it! A Share for everyone in your workspace to check out whenever they need it.


Viewing a Share

  1. Once a Share is created, simply hover over it to see the title from anywhere in the workspace — you don’t have to be in the same room (note that you do need to be in the same room as a share to edit it). 

  2. Click a Share icon Screen_Shot_2018-02-19_at_5.55.31_PM.pngand the url opens in its own tab.


Lots of Things to Share?

Multiple Shares can be added in each room. Once you’ve filled the physical space available, don’t worry, more Shares can still be added. When a room runs out of obvious display space, one Share icon will become a +n Share menu that looks like this Screen_Shot_2018-02-23_at_12.03.38_AM.png, showcasing the number of additional Shares that can viewed when clicked.

When you click the +n Share menu in the same room as your avatar, you can click on a title to view the Share, or edit or remove a Share directly by clicking the pencil or remove icons. When you click the +n Share menu icon in another room, you can only view the shares by clicking their titles, not edit or remove them.


Who Can See Shares?

Shares are visible to anyone from anywhere in the workspace.

For sensitive projects, any Share link requiring permissions to view will require those same permissions when the browser opens. For example, if you post a private, password protected spreadsheet and add it as a Share, everyone will be able to see its share icon and title. However, when the URL is clicked, viewers still need the password you placed on the spreadsheet to actually access the document.

Editing or Removing a Share

Editing and removing Shares is simple and available to anyone located in the room. While in a room, you can right-click on the Share, and select Edit Share or Remove Share.


How Can Your Team Make Use of Shares?

Making Work Transparent

Just like a physical office space, any team member can “walk” the halls of your workspace and view Shares to see what the team’s up to, where they are in a project, important background information, and more.

Centralizing Links and Documents

Rather than sharing screens each time you meet, a team can have all necessary links in one place, keeping everyone on the same page (literally!).

Everyone has easy access to all necessary parts of a project. Need the spreadsheet on X, or to add something to the brainstorm on Y? With Shares your teams can centralize all the content— spreadsheets, calendars, budget—for a project in specific meeting rooms dedicated to that project.

Creating a Warm Welcome

Greet visitors in your Lobby with a welcome message and provide helpful information. You could link to your company website, a list of FAQs, or, how about a video greeting?!

Staying Organized

Keep documents and links for active projects in designated project rooms.

Next time your HR team or Search Committee meets to discuss potential hires, add Shares for each candidate being discussed with direct links to their LinkedIn profiles.


Working on a big new idea? Add a share to link to a third party whiteboard application to facilitate brainstorming.

Keeping Everyone in the Know

Use Shares in your communal workspaces to link group calendars, interesting reads, important news articles about your company, or any other info you’d like to make easily accessible. Does your content team have a style guide? Keep it in a central spot where writers gather. Planning a retreat? Use a Share with a link to an RSVP, or even a poll on the location.

There are so many possible uses for Shares. How will your team use them?

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