Introducing People View


People View is your sightline and action center. It functions as a convenient way to quickly access all of the people available to you in Sococo. 

People View is optimized to enhance your awareness of the presence and activity of the people you collaborate with most often. Whether it’s working across different spaces or connecting via a third-party channel like Slack, People View lets you interact easily to get work done fast!

Using People View you can:

  • Collapse three distinct sections to control your view
  • Search for people (and Slack channels) using Find 
  • See current people status and location details 
  • Access a clickable action menu
  • Open whole-room or private chat box
  • See view of Slack group messages and channels (if workspace is integrated with Slack)

Organizing Your People

People are organized into three categories:

  1. People in the same room as you
  2. People you have manually “starred”
  3. People you’ve had recent conversations with

Each of these categories can also be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the arrow to the right of the header. 


People in the Same Room as You

This section is updated by Sococo to tell you who is in your room right now. It's extremely useful to have this list when you are in a large meeting, for example.

Glance here for a room roster so that you are aware of all participants, including those who aren't sharing video or are quiet.

"Blinkies" indicate who is talking. You can also see who has their headset, mic, camera or screen share on. 


There are multiple ways to add a person to your Starred list. Read more about Starring here

Recent Conversations

As you interact with others in Sococo, this list will smartly auto-update so that the people you chatted with most recently are at the top of the list. Your Recent Conversations list will grow to 25 list items before being refreshed. (Initially, the Recent Conversations section will start out showing you the people who have most recently entered your space.)

Right-click on a name in the Recent Conversation list and choose "Remove from list" in the menu if you would like to remove a particular listing here. 

Automated Status Icons

Status icons give you a quick sense for what people are currently up to. 

If you’re using live media in a room with others, Sococo will auto-update your status icon to indicate this, letting others know when you’re Speaking, Listening, or Presenting.


You can manually change your status at any time by simply right-clicking on your name in People View and clicking Update Status.  

When you’re actively speaking in a room, there will be a "blinkie" by your name in the People View list to let others know you’re engaged in a conversation.

You can hover over a person’s name to get instant information on where they are currently located, including the name of the space if it is a different space from where you are.

Hovering over a name listed in People View will also allow you to access an action menu by clicking the trio of dots next to the name. From here you can:

  • Spotlight a colleague to quickly find her on the map
  • Add her to your Starred list
  • View a profile
  • Invite her to the room you’re in
  • Knock on the door of the room she's in
  • Open a private chat window
  • Enter her space (if she's not currently in the same workspace as you)



To quickly chat with all the people who are in the same room as you, just click Chat in [Room] at the top of your People View just below the Find tool.

To open a private chat with someone, simply click on their name and a chat box will open in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.



Looking for someone? Don’t waste time scanning your People View list line-by-line. Simply click on Find at the top and type a name or email address to locate someone.

If she's online, she’ll even be spotlighted on the map! If she's offline, we’ll tell you that too.

Search results are returned in one-click action cards that allow you to:

  • Open a private chat window
  • Knock on the door of the space she's currently in
  • Get her and bring her to the space you’re currently in

Search will return up to five results in this action card format. If there are more than five results, they will be displayed in a filtered list instead.

Even if the person you searched for is in a different Sococo workspace than you, the action card will allow you to take those same actions to connect, as long as you both are granted access to both spaces. We call that cross-space collaboration!


Slack Integration

If you’re working in a space that is integrated with Slack, your People View will offer you multiple ways to interact with people through both apps.

You can also use the Find tool to locate Slack channels and group chats. Read more here.

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