New Sococo Mobile Apps for Enhanced Media


The new Sococo iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to stay connected to everyone while on-the-go. Find teammates, chat, participate in meetings, share your video and view your teammates' videos, as well as any broadcast screen shares.

Your online office - right there in your pocket!

Getting Started

  1. Download the Sococo mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Both apps share the same code base and have identical functionality (with one small exception noted below).

    app_store1.png       Google_Play1.png

  2. Tap Sococo and log in.

    Sococo_App_Home_Screen1.png        Sococo_App_Login_Screen1.png

    Note: For alternative login options, tap More Ways to Log In at the bottom. You can authenticate via your organization’s custom subdomain, or, login with Slack if your Sococo workspace is Slack-integrated.

    more_ways_to_log_in1.png        Slack_integration1.png

  3. If you have access to multiple workspaces, choose the workspace you want to enter:


The Basics: Moving Around & Interacting 

  1. Once signed on, tap Rooms in the top nav bar, and decide where you want to go by choosing a room to enter:


  2. Use the Rooms tab to see where teammates are located, to Knock on the door to a room, Enter the room, or Start a Meeting.

  3. Get a teammate to join you by tapping the Get radio button my each online teammate's name.

    mobile_Get1.png        meeting1.png

  4. Use the media toolbar at the bottom to turn on your microphone and camera.


Viewing Media

View Video

  1. Tap Media on the left side of the top nav bar to view streaming media.


  2. From Media you can see the videos broadcast from others as you conference. If video conferencing with one other teammate, the other person's video will appear in the center; you’ll see your video in a smaller video tile in the right corner.

    video_conference1.png     video_tile_middle1.png

Want to change your video tile's spot on the screen? Drag the video tile wherever suits you best.

Note: When meeting with multiple teammates, the number of supported simultaneous media streams (video and/or screen shares) is auto-configured based on each user’s network condition, bandwidth and hardware performance. 

View Screen Sharing 

If a teammate is sharing a screen, you’ll be able to see that, too. Need to zoom in on a shared screen? Pinch the image to stretch it.

screenshare1.png       zoomed_screen1.png

To put focus on a single video or screen share, double-tap and the view becomes large and centered, with the top Nav bar and bottom Media toolbar still visible.


In the iOS app only, tap 3x to go full screen. (Note: this 3x tap for full screen does not work on Android devices.)


Using Chat

Tap Chat in the Nav bar and locate the teammate you need to chat with. Tap the chat icon on the right hand side. You’ll be switched right over to a keyboard mode to chat. 

iOS_Chat_1-1.png       iOS_Chat_2-1.png

Miscellaneous Guidelines

While the new mobile app is awesome, there isn’t full parity with all of the desktop platform features. For example, using the Sococo mobile app:

  • You can view broadcasts of any screens shared by others using the Sococo application from their desktop; you just can't share your own screen using the mobile app.

  • There is no ability to End Meeting or Send Everyone Home in the mobile app.

  • Slack is not integrated with the mobile app, other than as a way to authenticate to login. Consequently, if you are working in a Slack-enabled workspaces, chats exchanged via the Sococo mobile app will not be logged in your Slack app.

Desktop and mobile Sococo cannot be used simultaneously. The mobile app will alert you and not allow you to log in if you are already logged in on your desktop.


Ideas for When to Use the Sococo Mobile App

The Sococo mobile app allows you stay connected to your team while working from anywhere.

  • Need to catch a flight but also stay in a meeting in your workspace? Use the Sococo app as you Uber to the airport.

  • Collaborate with your team from the coffee shop without needing to bring your laptop along.

  • Use the Sococo mobile app to bring a subject matter expert back at the office into your conversation with a client onsite. No more "I'll get back to you's". Provide answers to questions on the spot! 

  • Run Sococo from your iPad or tablet when you don’t need to work from a computer.
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