iOS and Android Mobile Apps


The Sococo iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to stay connected to everyone while on-the-go. Find teammates, chat and participate in the audio portion of meetings.

Your online office - right there in your pocket!

Getting Started

  1. Download the Sococo mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Both apps share the same code base and have identical functionality.

    app_store1.png       Google_Play1.png

  2. Tap Sococo and log in using the same credentials you use to access the desktop Sococo application.

    Sococo_App_Home_Screen1.png        Sococo_App_Login_Screen1.png

    Note: For alternative login options, tap More Ways to Log In at the bottom. You can authenticate via your organization’s custom subdomain, or, login with Slack if your Sococo workspace is Slack-integrated.

    more_ways_to_log_in1.png        Slack_integration1.png

  3. If you have access to multiple workspaces, choose the workspace you want to enter:


The Basics: Moving Around & Meeting 

  1. Once signed on, tap Rooms in the top nav bar to see where teammates are located and decide which room you want to enter.

  2. Meeting with a teammate? Tap Meeting in the Nav Bar. Get a teammate to join you by tapping the Get radio button by each online teammate's name.

    Get_radial-1.png    Get_selected-1.png 

  3. Use the media toolbar at the bottom to turn on listening and your microphone. You can now participate in the audio portion of the meeting.


Using Chat

Tap Chat in the Nav bar and locate the teammate you need to chat with. Tap the chat icon on the right hand side. You’ll be switched right over to keyboard mode to chat. 

       chatbubble-1.png    chat-type1.png

Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • Slack is not integrated with the mobile app, other than as a way to authenticate to login. Consequently, if you are working in a Slack-enabled workspaces, chats exchanged via the Sococo mobile app will not be logged in your Slack app.

  • Desktop and mobile Sococo cannot be used simultaneously. The mobile app will alert you and not allow you to log in if you are already logged in on your desktop.


Ideas for When to Use the Sococo Mobile App

The Sococo mobile app allows you stay connected to your team while working from anywhere.

  • Need to catch a flight but also stay in a meeting in your workspace? Use the Sococo app as you Uber to the airport.

  • Collaborate with your team from the coffee shop without needing to bring your laptop along.

  • Use the Sococo mobile app to find and check the availability of your subject matter expert back at the office. Bring the expert into your conversation with a client onsite in the moment. No more "I'll get back to you's". Provide answers to questions on the spot!



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