Optimized Media Connection


We’ve made Sococo smarter so it now detects whether an individual, or room, is active to determine when bandwidth should be allocated for audio, video and/or screen sharing.

We've also improved visual indicators so that everyone can see when media connections are fully established for each participant. We've given you better cues to avoid that can-you-hear-me-now? situation when your teammate with the slow connection speed from home finally has media flowing and can hear what's being said. 

Media Server Connection Bar

Each time you enter a room, you are reconnecting to our media server and the blue bar is the indicator for you that a reconnect is happening. The blue connection bar stops showing as soon as your connection to the media server has been established. 


Media Connection Indicators for Each Avatar

We've added indicators to show as individuals reconnect to our media server. Whenever there is reconnect, you'll see a lightning bolt icon cycle from yellow to blue as the connection is made. The indicators go away once a user's connection to the media server is fully established.


Media Detection Timers

In addition to adding these new visual cues, we’ve made improvements to optimize media connections.

Sococo sets active media detection timers to be consistent with normal user and room-based inactivity. For example, when everyone in the room is heads-down silently working and has had their mics and cameras off for 3 minutes, media connections for everyone in the room are put to sleep and reawakened the instant anyone in the room turns on their mic, camera or screen share. 

Sococo will also proactively turn off a user's mic, camera or screen share that appears to be left on inadvertently if there has been no other detected user or room activity - like if you walked away from your desk for an extended period and inadvertently left your mic on.

Don't worry; we will always prompt you and allow you to take action to keep your media turned on before putting it to sleep. in these situations, the system will provide a message like this one:


Why do this? By implementing active media detection timers, available network bandwidth is freed up for allocation to those in your workspace who are actively using media.

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